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Asian Inspired Home Architecture

Asian inspired architecture is one of the most popular types of architectural designs you can implement on your home. Compared to modern ones, Asian inspired architecture has completely separated itself. It has a very distinct taste and has been developed over the years.
This type of architecture is highlighted by the use of certain materials, which most may consider as antiquity or traditional.
 If you are planning to adopt an Asian inspired architecture on your home, you need to embrace certain materials like timber framing and the use of wooden bricks and tiles.
Homeowners who would like to have an Asian inspired architecture on their home must also give emphasis on orientation, layout and symmetry – elements that are prevalent in Asian architecture and stretch way back during ancient times.
One of the most basic orientations of Asian architecture is the practice of having doors face south. 
This practice is based on the old-aged belief, Feng Shui. The layout of Asian homes especially during ancient times was also unique and is something that completely sets it apart from foreign architectural influences. 
Lastly, the symmetry being observed in Asian architecture closely follows the principles of consistency and balance. You can even get custom Asian window shades from .  Also you can get custom Asian aluminum from and it will give you a nicer appearance too. 
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